What We Do

We offer a comprehensive suite of professional podcast post-production services to enhance the quality and impact of your podcast content. Our team of experienced experts excels in a diverse range of services, including audio and video editing, custom overlays, highlight clips and much more. We understand the importance of a well-crafted podcast, and our mission is to empower you to captivate your audience with top-tier production value. Whether you’re just starting or seeking to take your podcast to new heights, we tailor our services to cater to your specific needs and goals. From refining audio clarity and eliminating background noise to creating captivating visuals and dynamic motion graphics, we are committed to transforming your raw recordings into a polished and professional podcast that leaves a lasting impression.

Join us at APodcastGeek and embark on a collaborative journey to elevate your podcasting experience to the next level of excellence.


Before we begin the edit, we treat your raw audio to an array of processing (EQ, Dynamics, Compression, Noise Removal etc) to brighten up the dullness and bring out the best in you. It will be easy to listen to and consistent in volume. The loudness of our podcast edits are on par with Apple Standards (-14 LUFS).

AUDIO Editing

We take pride in delivering impeccably clean edits that elevate the quality of your recordings. We meticulously remove gaps, interruptions, etc ensuring a seamless and professional listening experience while maintaining the natural flow of the conversation. We keep the content engaging and coherent. Our audio editing adds significant value to your recordings, allowing your message to shine and enabling your audience to stay immersed in the discussion.

Video Editing

Our skilled team seamlessly combines multiple camera angles, cuts and trims raw footage, and adds captivating motion graphics to create a professional and engaging viewing experience. We handle color grading, custom intros and outros, and ensure smooth transitions between segments, tailored to your unique podcast style and brand identity. From in-studio to remote recordings, we bring your vision to life.

Motion Graphics

We can insert your logo, create lower thirds/name titles, insert YouTube subscribe icons and even professional social media handles for you and all of your guests.

Highlight Clips

Chose the timecode moments yourself or have us make the choice for you. These captioned & animated clips can be formatted to any social media platform. See here for an example.


This is where we can get creative with your podcast artwork by creating a professional logo reveal animation w/music. Or, if that doesn’t suit your brand, we can create a custom video intro using a combination of stock video footage, motion graphics (text), your voice over and music. Examples: Logo Reveal & Custom Intro.